Starfield Reveals New Details Of Its Missions

Xbox console users are impatient for a single reason, Star field, a video game that had to be delayed this year for Bethesda to have time to polish every detail.
And for the wait for the game to be more enjoyable, a video has been released in which the Missions of the game of the hand of Will Shen, head of design of them, is spoken.
In this video it can be seen that the team has wanted to answer frequent questions by fans, since today there are many doubts regarding playable aspects.


It is highlighted that there will be random situations, very similar to the orders with which one can be found in open world games.
Take a peek:
This is what the development team clarifies regarding the faction system:

One of the things we decided at the beginning was to make sure that the main mission makes you a small tour for the settled systems and all the great players, so we can give you a sample of what they are doing.

We also talk very at the beginning about how do we make some factions in conflict with others? And we decided that we really wanted to ensure that you can play all the lines of the factions regardless of each other.
And this time we were more like, well, we want the stories to be a bit more personal.

You are influencing the direction to which this faction will go.
So, let’s say, Free star Rangers’ policies, what is more important: is justice or industry?
Where are you going to try to push them, to this address or another, so you will not necessarily end up as the head of all the factions of the game.
But, you know, obviously all important characters and all faction mission lines will be reflected in your decisions.
To all this is added the functionality of the NPC within the map, according to what is commented, the characters will comment on what is happening in the environment.
They will be those who give the voice to the main character.
Remember that Star field will arrive at some point in 2023 for Xbox Series X/S and PC.
Via: Bethesda
Editor’s note: Now that the game is emerging for being the great Xbox star in 2023, Bethesda may feel some pressure, after all it is not a company sells consoles.

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