How to Build A Tavern In Dwarf Fortress

It is important to lead a balanced life even in simulators.
Although most of the Dwarf Fortress is devoted to work, creating a break for your dwarves so that they can communicate, relax and drink, it is important to ensure their further survival.
This is how you can create your own tavern for your gnomes team.

Construction Taverns in Dwarf Fortress

Before you can build a tavern itself, you need to dig a room, large enough so that the warehouse, chairs and tables can fit in it, as well as a chest, as well as enough space on the floor so that it is convenient for people to move.
While you dig this space, you may also think about digging a smaller room adjacent to a larger tavern, which can serve as a hostel, where those who drank too much can oversleep effects.
After you dug up the rooms, you will want to smooth them out to improve their quality before installing two doors to connect the hostel with the tavern, and the tavern with the rest of your fortress.
As soon as this is completed, you can start to furnish your tavern.

Furniture Tavern

There are certain requirements when it comes to furniture of both taverns and hostels.


For the bedroom, build four to six beds and place them inside the room.
Do not worry about adding too much to the hostel, since they do not require as much as the bedrooms.
As for the tavern, you will need at least 10 tables with a chair, as well as one chest for starters.
You will want to fill the chest with stone circles so that the gnomes have a drinking tool.
Finally, you will want to build a food supply to add it to the tavern.
As soon as your tavern and hostels are equipped in accordance with your wishes, it is time to turn the tavern into a place for meetings.
Click the zone icon on the screen before choosing a meeting place and highlighting the tavern.
This will give you a list of parts about the conference room zones.
Click on a shield with a plus sign and select a new hotel/tavern designate your new place as a tavern and give it a great name to celebrate this event.
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