Barbie Comes To The Cinema: Margot Robbies Barbie Film Gets First Trailer And Teaser

A new film is heading to the big screen with Margot Robbie’s Barbie, but this time it’s in a very different genre. The first trailer for the Barbie film went live on the internet, and it pays homage to some of the most iconic sci-fi films of our time.

The first trailer for the barbie film with Harley Quinn actress Margot Robbie is a wild roller coaster trip regardless of his brevity and is likewise to be suggested to everyone who has absolutely nothing to do with the cult doll.
Who would have thought that a movie of all things parodied among the biggest and most cult sci-fi movies?
Like the monolith in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: Odyssey in area Margot Robbie stands as a big barbie in front of the little ladies who have actually finally arrived in modern-day times after playing with child dolls.
We see a few brief insights into the movie.
Including a scene with Ryan Gosling (Drive, Blade Runner 2049), who looks like an alternative variation of Johnny Lawrence from Karate Kid.
We linked the trailer for you below in the short article.

What’s the barbie film about?

This is an excellent question that Warner Bros. might not actually address due to sparse details about the film.
So far we only understand that it is probably about Margot Robbie as Barbie, which was left out from the ideal world of barbies due to the fact that it was not perfect enough for their world.
Then she sets off on new coasts in the genuine world.
Ryan Gosling takes on the function of Barbie-Schönling Ken, who is supposed to be as hollow as he is owned by Barbie.
Will Ferrell plays the CEO of the barbie manufacturer Mattel in the curious barbie-live action film, but absolutely nothing more is understood about his function.
The Little-Women-Women director Greta Ger wig, who composed the script with her life partner Noah Baumbach (early story).
Barbie (buy now) comes what is going according to strategy– am 23.
July 2023 in cinemas.


What do you think about the very first teaser trailer to the film?
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