PS5: Sonys new PlayStation 5 console is speculated to be coming in 2020

Our company believe that cumulative sales will go beyond 37 million units by the end of financial 2022, which it will be an extremely crucial time for the platform too, Fishing said. I will not be able to talk about specifics at this time, but I hope that you will eagerly anticipate next year (2023).

Once again, it’s worth worrying that Fishing didn’t specifically discuss that a brand-new edition of the PS5 is set to launch next year, but the fact that he didn’t shoot any such notion, especially when compared to the trajectory of the PS4, is noteworthy. For now, we’ll have to continue waiting to hear more from Sony when it comes to this reported brand-new PS5, but it seems like early 2023 might bring with it some clearness.

In a brand-new discussion with Fujitsu, Sony VP Idea Fishing appeared to subtly indicate that a new PS5 console might be dropping in 2023. When asked about whether the third year of the PS5 might be as huge as the 3rd year of the PS4, which is when Sony released the PS4 Pro, Fishing stated that the coming year will be very crucial for the latest PlayStation console.

Do you have any interest in this brand-new PS5 console if it is going to launch next year? And when do you believe that Sony will unveil this new version of the platform if it is on the horizon? Let me understand either down in the comments or strike me up on Twitter at @MooreMan12.


Over the past couple of months, reports and reports have circled recommending that Sony will launch a revision of the PS5 in the latter half of next year. And while Sony itself has yet to verify that this new PS5 will be releasing whatsoever, it looks like the company is now teasing its statement.

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