Jean Ortega Coa Garena Says Theres Lack Of Transparency From Garena For The Continuity of Free Fire


Cofounder and Loud’s owner and partner, Jean Ortega criticized the Arena and expressed doubts about the continuity of Free Fire’s competitive scenario in 2023 with the azilian League of Free Fire LBFF.
Even in the final stretch of 2022, the game publisher has not yet revealed any details about what Battle Royale’s main competition will be in azil, and this scenario of uncertainty has put in check the permanence of some of the main organizations that work in the competitive of
Game, including Los Grande, who on Monday dismissed almost the entire cast and remained only with players Gustavo Gus and Mathews Lovato.
On Twitter, Jean Ortega charged the Arena publicly about the lack of information about the 2023 season of the azilian League of Free Fire: Nothing of the Arena to this day. How can I plan something next year?
Unofficially, Jean Ortega even opened what the organization’s next investment in eSports should be, putting a CS: GO lineup as options, a female Valorant lineup or a Free Fire lineup.
Although Ortega highlighted that the poll would not actually determine which game would receive investments from Loud, the fact that Free Fire, a game in which org started its trajectory in electronic sports, appeared as an option reinforced doubts about the permanence of Loud
in the Battle Royale competitive.
In the poll, which so far had almost 20,500 votes, the public has expressed preference for investments in a female Valiant team, with more than 57% of the votes.
Following, the option for Line de CS: GO, with just over 31% of the votes, appeared.
Lastly, Free Fire’s team appeared, with only 11.6% of public votes.
Present in the competitive scenario of Free Fire since the first official competitions organized by Arena in azil.
Loud has a LBFF title, won at the 7th edition of the championship, a 2020 Copa América title, and a worldwide runner-up in 2021
The growth of the team inside and outside Battle Royale made Loud one of azil’s leading organizations, both in number of followers on social networks and in financial power.
Free Fire’s team formed in early 2022, for example, dominated Valorant’s azilian scenario, with two VCT titles, and closed the season with a world title: Valiant Champions 2022. In League of Legends, org won
The 2nd Split of CBOL 2022.

Due to the great moment in the competitive, Loud won the organization of the year’s organization of the eSports azil 2022 award, and even won the team’s team awards at The Game Awards 2022 and Esports Awards 2022, the latter with Along lineup.

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