Get Ready To Beat & Brawl: Street Fighter Is Coming To Mobile Devices! Pre-Register Now For iOS and Android

This year is important for fighting video games, since Taken’s next main entrance will be launched, as well as the sixth main game of the beloved Street Fighter franchise.
However, it seems that BYU and company will not have enough with that, so there is another planned game, not precisely to appear on large platforms.
The name of the video game is Street Fighter: Duel, and apparently in the official description, it will be an RPG but with fighting touches, something that can attract the attention of the most curious.
It is estimated that it is a free to play delivery, and that is added that it will arrive at some point in February, the records can already be made in iOS and Android.
Here the description of what is seen in the trailer:

This is the advance of the announcement of Street Fighter: Duel, the next mobile fighting game that will reach iOS and Android in February 2023. The previous record is now available on Google Play and Apple Store.

In Street Fighter: duel, recruit and level iconic characters from the entire Street Fighter series.

It ends with Seth and the Shadow Mechanical Clones Army in the History of the game.
You can also play online and use your champions team to beat yourself with other players.
Remember that if you have iOS and Android operating system you will be able to play without problem.


Via: Street Fighter
Editor’s note: It will be a positive year for this franchise, since the sixth main game is also arriving.
We will see in a few months if Cap com managed to return the greatness to the brand.

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