German U-21 National Team Kicks Off European Championship Year With Japan & Romania Tests

The group of coach Antonio DI Salvo is preparing for the European Championship with test video games against Japan and Romania.
On March 24 (6.15 p.m.), U 21 welcomes Japan in Frankfurt.
Four days in the future March 28 (6.15 p.m.) in Sirius Romania is the next example for the ruling European champion.
Romania organizes the European Champion from June 21 to July 8 with Georgia.

The World Cup in Qatar has demonstrated how highly Japanese football established.

Antonio DI Salvo
We anticipate 2 special video games, Di Salvo is Slater on the association website.


First we fulfill Japan for an Asian group, which is exceptionally uncommon for the U 21. The World Cup in Qatar has demonstrated how much Japanese football established.
At the desert winter World Cup, the Japanese A nationwide group defeated the DFB selection of nationwide coach Hansi Flick 2-1 at the start and therefore started the German World Cup disappointment.

Make the conditions known on site

After that, the video game is pending in Romania, one of the hosts of the European Championship. Of course, we wish to make ourselves understood with the regional conditions, even if our group first plays in Georgia, said Di Salvo.
There are Israels on June 22, Czech Republic on June 25th and England on June 28th.

training camp in South Tyrol

After the two test games in March, the U 21 will fulfill in Prey/South Tyrol on June 10 to get ready for the European Champion round in the training camp until June 18.
The defending champ had actually confidently certified for the tournament.
After the games versus top countries at the end of in 2015, the German group now wants to continue to bring themselves into tournament form against Japan and Romania.
After there had been two defeats versus France (0: 1) and England (1: 3) in 2015 (1: 3), the U 21 cheered a 4-2 win versus Italy in November.

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