Analyzing The Impartial Performance: How Hanover 96 Lost To St. Pauli Despite Good Tactics

An absolutely used day, Hanover coach Stefan Late summarized at the press conference after the 0: 2 at FC St. Pauli.
Although he saw his team much stronger, particularly in the game with the ball than at the opening personal bankruptcy against Kaiserslautern, but in the end there was a defeat.
If you lose 2 games-I do not have to paint a picture that does not correspond to the fact. Nevertheless, it is favorable as we have taken place today.

earlier penalty whistle momentum would have shifted

Those accountable for 96 struggled with several decisions of the referee group.
Late was especially remembered when Maximilian Hair had fallen in the penalty location in the first minute of the game, but referee Each did not point to the point even after the Var intervention.
Incomprehensible for Late.
It was a clear contact. There was certainly one or the other circumstance that was penalized appropriately, said the 45-year-old and speculated: If there is a penalty whistle, then we might have the momentum on our side
Marcus Mann became even clearer on the club website.
The Lower Saxony sports director did not wish to take his team out of duty after 2 bankruptcies at the start of the year, however other people on the field sometimes contribute to the course of the video game which was today.
With that, guy probably alluded to the referee group.
Particularly, he dealt with the situation around the 2nd objective of FC St. Pauli.


This was whipped down straight when the line was transferred after the line judge had recognized an offside position with objective scorer Connor Metal.
The VAR took in, after several minutes of anxiety, Each provided the hit.
The circumstances triggered discussions, different camera settings enabled various conclusions.
There are 2 or three circumstances that indicate that the 2-0 must not count, guy is particular.

Mann in question of the VAR

There are settings when it looks like offside and there are situations in which it is the very same height, continued Mann.
The referee chooses on offside and after that the concern is why it is withdrawn. We have to stand here and discuss why we have lost and are appropriately criticized. Then the referees and those in the basement likewise have to be criticized.
You have to think about what we require the VAR for. That’s not the very first time.
To make matters worse, defender Phil Neumann saw yellow-red-after a good restart in halftime 2, according to the Late was the lid at stake.
Specific criticism of the dismissal was not heard from Hanover, Late only duplicated: An absolutely used tag with some questionable decisions against us.

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