Avatar 2 Sinks To 3rd Place At The Box Office: American Football Icon, Harry Potters Best Friend

Friday, the 03.
February 2023, will enter into the history of the young movie theater year.
For the very first time, Avatar-the Method of Water was permanently replaced by the top of the North American movie theater charts.
The scary doll Man currently succeeded for a single day, now it certainly seems to be over with the reign of James Cameron’s visual masterpiece.
Regardless of the enormous success, the end comes much earlier than anticipated.
In order to press Avatar 2 off the top, nevertheless, an icon of the American Football, the finest good friend of Harry Potter and a Marvel star, had to integrate and bundle their strength.

Avatar-the Method of Water is already lacking breath, even prior to Ant-Man 3

Avatar-the Way of Water runs the breath before the next Marvel hit begins.


Really, specialists expected that the follower to the most successful film of all time only had to clear the field after next.
On Friday, February 17, 2023, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania will come to the North American movie theaters.
Industry experts tell the 31st movie of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, not the least thanks to the start of the so-called President Day weekend, on which the 3rd Monday in February is typically a holiday, a dazzling incomes result.
At the current then the sole rule of Avatar 2 would have pertained to an end.

Now it is time for two weeks.

Avatar-the Method of Water only in third place on the cinema charts

The new movie theater week begins in the USA and Canada on Fridays.
Even before the start of the weekend, Knock At The Cabin from cult director M. Night Shaman (The Sixth Sense, Split) could dominate number 1 on the charts.
However, mystery thriller with Marvel star David Bautista (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3) and Harry Potter star Rupert Print gets prominent competitors.
In the race for the top of the hit list of the top-selling movie theater movies of the current weekend, 80 for Brady is remarkably joined.
In the nick of time for the Super Bowl, the most successful and freshly resigned mega star of the NFL brings in the masses to the movie theater.
In the Feelgood funny, four senior people travel their idol up until the grand ending of the season.
Obviously the spectators like it and so 80 for Brady will also leave the former leader Avatar 2 behind.
Anybody who will eventually dominate number 1 on the cinema charts is still entirely open.
Only one thing is particular: Avatar-the Way of Water will not be for the very first time after eight weeks.
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