The Crew Motorfest: Ubisoft Announces Open World Racer – Leaks Reveal Fat Microtransactions

Once again bad news for Ubisoft: The French publisher just provided its new open-world racer on January 31: the main name The Crew Motor fest was exposed with a practically 50 2nd teasers.
There were also a couple of information about the video game: it will play on an island motivated by Hawaii.
So you get beaches, jungles and volcanoes.
An automobile celebration with a variety of modes and automobiles acts as a story hanger, so a little in the design of Fora Horizon.
The release is prepared for 2023 on a PC, PlayStation and Xbox consoles.
You can sign up for an insider program on the associated site.


The issue with the entire thing?
This is probably due to the public now!
The Twitter channel Racing Game Love shared a lot of gameplay material from the game, supplemented by a few additional details.

How does the team 3 play?

Appropriately, The Crew Motor fest will offer an overall of 14 various disciplines, consisting of variations for powerboats and aircraft.
There are likewise motocross, drift, dragster, rally, beast truck and demolition occasions.
They each have various requirements, such as unique manufacturers, performance levels or car classes.
In addition to live competitors at certain times, In game also has Custom-made Races and Playlists.
A very first look at the map exposes racing events, open world activities and different social components.
After all, you are not alone on the menu in Motor fest.
There are currently some genuine places such as Wienie, Honolulu or Era.
However, the world will most likely not correspond 1: 1 to its function design and also have a substantially smaller scale.
It is brought to life with the aid of the snowdrop engine, which is likewise utilized at The Division.

Which automobiles are in the team 3?

There is a massive level at the fleet.
In overall there will most likely be over 500 mobile orders in Motor fest.

Amongst them are standard carts such as the Fiat 500, however likewise the renowned DeLorean back to the future or the 2018-formula 1 car from Red Bull. There are lots of popular brands in regard to producers.
Aston Martin, Bentley, Bugatti, Chevrolet, Ferrari, Ford, Lamborghini and much more have actually currently been shown.
Unfortunately, there is still no substantial image product for tuning.
The leaker only reveals that parts such as brakes, transmission, engine, exhaust, suspension and tires can be enhanced.
A loot-based system is probably used once again as in the predecessor.
Far we do not understand much about the character position.
Only one thing is clear: a store is already incorporated in the game and provides cosmetic products and car packages for sale.
The prices are 334,000 team credits for a single automobile!
If the exchange courses are taken from the crew 2, this is the equivalent of just under 30 euros.
A good rod for a virtual mobile pedestal…
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