Xbox Unveils Its All-New Wireless Controller: Introducing The Multi-Device Revolution

At the moment the euphoria for new controls for consoles and PC is booming, this is due to the environment of competitive issues, and the clearest example is the dual sense Edge of PS5 a premium option for the most demanding.
However, Microsoft has come with something cheaper but at the same time perceived as elegant.
This model is known as Stellar Shift, which has a hybrid directional pad with blue-violet swirl-spindle grips that change color, as well as textured grips with violet swirls.
The best thing is that you can make the new buttons’ configuration easily, as well as its easy connection with computer, mobiles and Xbox consoles.
For its part, the use of AA batteries is still present, but that does not mean that the duration will be limited, since if the highest quality are used, up to 40 hours in use in different games and applications will last.
For its part, the PC game will be quickly detected on platforms such as Steam, with the ideal configuration to play.
This model has a suggested price of $1,800 MX in the official Microsoft store.
But it will also be available within a few days with authorized distributors, whether video game stores in the country, as well as some famous departmental.
Via: Microsoft
Editor’s note: It is good to have these alternative options for those who do not have so much money and to acquire a premium size control.
This is something that you will surely like those who use the computer a lot.

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