Enzo Couacaud Doubts Novak Djokovics Thigh Injury at Australian Open

The second-round opponent of the later winner Novak Djokovic at the Australian Open, Enzo Coached, has offered doubts about a thigh injury of the Serbs throughout the tournament in Melbourne.
If you see the biggest that can not take a step, and after that another who plays [with such an injury] for 15 days and wins a Grand Slam, then it appears a bit drawn to the hair, described Coached in an interview with
the French portal tennis act its issues.
The 22-fold Grand Slam winner constantly finished stretching exercises throughout preparation for the matches.
I was always informed that you should not extend in an injury, said Coached.
Then you see Novak, who is continuously extending. You believe: Either you have a brand-new method in Serbia or it’s simply strange.
Rafael Nadal suffered a likewise major injury in Wimbledon last year, although the Spaniard was not able to complete versus Nick Kyrios due to injury.

With his injury in Wimbledon, he couldn’t even open-and he is difficult, stated Coached.

Worrying signs

He therefore does not believe that Djokovic was in fact affected by his thigh.
We mention the best athletes and not of those who have no access to treatment or equipment. And after that it is difficult to think that there is precisely a single person in the world who can still play.
Ultimately, however, Coached is too far away to judge the credibility of anything. It is hard to think.
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Due to the fact that he had suffered an injury to the thigh in advance, Djokovic had to finish the tournament in Down Under with a bandage.
Even throughout the Australian Open, challengers and journalists had actually revealed doubts about the severity of the injury.
The Serb was noticeably frustrated by this discussion.

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