Metroid Prime Remastered: Announced and Available With Launch Trailer – Nintendo Direct February 8, 2023

Among the stunning surprises of the Nintendo Direct of February 8, 2023, there was the announcement of Metro id Prime Remastered, the restored variation of the cult video game of the Game cube launched in 2002. It is for that reason back 21 years later on Nintendo Change, without
No change in its material, since it will be the very same video game. Visually, tough to see the distinctions with the initial video game, if not the passage in 16/9 format, but we imagine that the textures are
finer and then the visual rendering much more to the requirements of 2023. We recall for people who did not understand the game at the time that it is above all an expedition and puzzles game
in subjective view and an FPS.
20 years back, the game caused a sensation with the players.


It is also possible to play it instantly, since this Metro id Prime Remastered is available now on the Nintendo Shop.

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