Sign Up Now for NCSOFTs Western Tests of Throne and Liberty – Registrations Open Until Feb. 12

It is noted, Soft is presently hiring the future testers of the final test of Throne and Liberty-the registrations are open until February 12, in anticipation of tests arranged on February 21 and 22.
These tests are however still relatively confidential insofar as they are organized in the premises of NCS OFT and therefore available only to gamers most likely to go there.
What about tests for Western players?
The question was raised last night as part of the group’s quarterly accounts.
NCS OFT validates that the upcoming final test is only booked for South Korean gamers and defines while doing so that worldwide tests and marketing linked to the Acquisition of user techniques in Stranger will be made as soon as finished the choice of service partners

Asked about the group’s marketing expenditures for 2023, NCS OFT agents once again point out a sharing of promotion costs of throne and Liberty with an international partner.
In other terms, Throne and Liberty obviously aims to be exploited worldwide by a 3rd party, and it is therefore this worldwide partner who will organize MMORPG tests in the West.

Throne and Liberty still searching for a Western operator?

As we understand, rumor recommends that this famous partner might be Amazon Games.


At this phase, neither NCS OFT, nor Amazon Games validates, and we understand that NCS OFT reveals a specific reserve with the monetary press prior to any main statement.
NCS OFT likewise confirms a launch in South Korea planned during the very first half of this year and obviously, Western players will not be invited.
And if the final option of the partner is still not stopped, we imagine that the western launch of Throne and Liberty might take a specific time-the time to find a contract with the partner, then the time to proceed to the place of Throne and Liberty, dowse the tests and lastly launch the MMORPG.
Western gamers may therefore need to take their pain in perseverance.

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