Genshin Impact: The Favonius Code – How to Get, Ascension, Statistics and Who Can Use It

The Fanatics Code is a four-star catalyst in the Weapon series Famous.


Its auxiliary characteristic of reloading of energy and a passive skill that generates elementary particles make it the best choice for characters with low damage per second, which requires a large amount of energy to maintain the time of the non-precious operation of their spontaneous explosion.

With so many users of catalysts that fall under this category, the Famous code is a universal choice of weapons that can be shared with your character.

how to get the Fanatics Code in Genshin Impact

The Famous Code is a standard banner weapon, which means that you can use it in Wanderlust Invocation, as well as all banners with a limited set of characters and weapons.
Nevertheless, sometimes it rises in the Banner of Epitome Invocation, which you can use Prisoners and Intertwined Fates.
As a four-star weapon, you cannot outline the path of embodiment for the Livonia Code.
Obtaining it comes down to pure luck.

Statistics Genshin Impact Famous Codex

  • Basic attack: from 42 to 510
  • Stating: energy reloading (from 10 to 45.9 percent)
  • Passive: surprise
    • Critical blows have 60/70/80/90/100 percent chance to generate a small amount of elementary particles that regenerate six energy units for the character.
      It can only occur once every 12/10.5/9/7.5/6 seconds.

Genshin Impact Famous Codex Ascension Cost and Materials

Below are all the Ascension materials necessary for the Famous Code.
They can be farm from the following:
Scrolls: Samachuras throughout SYVAT
Horns: miserly and lavachurly throughout SYVAT
Saran: Cecilia Garden (Monday, Thursday, Sunday)

Ascension Phase 1

Ascension Phase 2

Ascension Phase 3

Ascension Phase 4

Ascension Phase 5

Ascension Phase 6

who can use the Favoronius Code in Genshin Impact

The Famous Code has favorable statistics for users of catalysts based on support, especially for those who are fighting high energy costs and are strongly relied on their explosion of elements for damage.
The characters who can use this weapon include:
Yale Mike
Shimano Bayou
To obtain additional information about the Famous weapon series, read the Famous sword-how to get, ascension, characteristics and who can use it in Genshin Impact here in the Pro game manuals.

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