Earn Credits in Overwatch 2 Season 3 – Battle Pass Trailer

The 3rd season of Overwatch 2 provides the chance to make credits by playing.
Simply level up the brand-new Fight Pass and total certain challenges.
You can utilize the credits won to purchase cool skins in the store.
These include famous attires, the prices of which were reduced to 1500 Overwatch credits
All skins of the brand-new season are based on Asian mythology.
A new mythological skin is likewise available for Kirk.

makes you as much as 2000 credits.

1500 credits can be made through the free variation of the Battle Pass, while purchasers can get another 500 credits.
The players can buy a legendary skin of this.
The credits are not to be puzzled with the Overwatch coins.
The latter is the superior currency that can be bought with genuine money or can be made in small quantities.
Now to the content of Season 3: The Antarctica Map, which we recently talked to the designers, is brand-new.
Here you play control, so you have to dominate three bases and last as long as possible.
The interaction options, which include the penguins, fishing holes and other things, are especially crucial here.


Seasonal events must of course not be missing out on.
The occasion Ultimate Valentine’s Day will run for 2 weeks from February 14.
Between March 7th and April 6th there is a collaboration with the anime hero One Punch Man.
Another occasion called Pa chi Mari begins on March 21st.
By the way, the Overwatch World Cup returns this month.
There is no brand-new hero in this season.
A minimum of we understand that there is a fan next.
Overwatch 2 can be bet totally free on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC.
The trailer for Season 3:
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