Get the Most Out of Your Console with These Easy Tempo Tips for the PS4 Pro

Your PS4 Pro is a powerful console with a great deal of power under the hood.
With a creative trick you can get back at more out of it.
So you can go full throttle with your PS4 per.

Increase mode of the PS4 Pro: What does the function bring?

About 3 years after the market start of the regular PS4, Sony released the improved PS4 Pro.
Thanks to the additional hardware power of the new console, some games were displayed in greater resolution or image rate, which guaranteed that numerous gamers exchanged their old consoles for the new variant.

However, this was specifically the case in games that appeared after the brand-new console or were subsequently offered with a corresponding patch.


But what about old video games that were no longer optimized for the PS4 Pro?
Can you also gain from the additional service?
Yes, at least partially.
To achieve this, PS4-Pro gamers have to trigger the increase mode in the settings:
Opens the setting menu of your PS4 Pro.
Goes into the system sub-menu.
There you will discover the entry Boost mode, which can be activated by pushing the X key (source: PlayStation).
If you have actually activated the increase mode, games with variable image rate or dynamic resolution should run a bit more efficiently and sharper on your PS4 per.
These include games such as The Witcher 3 or Blood borne, Project Vehicles or Doom.
With a little luck, filling times can also shorten.
If you focus on the latter, you must best replace the PS4 Pro difficult drive for an SSD (source: Gig).
How quick is the PS5 compared to the PS4 Pro?
We concern a surprising lead to the video:

Increase for the PS4 Pro is not constantly the very best option

The Increase mode of the PS4 Pro, the bottom line is sometimes caused by more efficiency or much better image quality, PS4-Pro players must consider one thing: Increase mode can also trigger graphic problems and problems.
The boost mode deactivates-often the issues can be gotten rid of from the world if you see graphic mistakes while playing with activated increase mode.
Boost mode has actually been part of the scope of the PS4 Pro performance for an eternity, however many gamers still do not know it and do not know that they are leaving part of the efficiency of their console on the path.
The next time you are picking up an old PS4 video game, you will quickly activate the boost mode in the settings-if you haven’t already done it anyway.

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