How to Change Spells in Hogwarts Legacy: Tips for Experienced Witches and Wizards

A well-trained witch or a wizard is one who owns a lot of spells.
However, Hogwarts Legacy allows you to use no more than 4 spells at the same time.
If you need some kind of spell that you do not have, you need to switch to useful, which raises the question of how to change the spell in the Hogwarts Heritage.
You can create ready-made spell sets that can be switched faster as the Hogwarts Heritage passes, and you can get the opportunity to create additional sets as the game is going.


We are here to explain the basics of various spell sets and how to get more spells in the Hogwarts Heritage, and also explain how you can equip and switch between different spells.

How to equip various spells in Hogwarts Legacy

At first you can equip and use only four spells at any time.
Depending on our situation, you may have to change your spells.
You do not want to enter the enemy territory only with utility spells, and you do not need curse spells when you are safe and preserved in Hogwarts.
The spells currently used are displayed in the lower right corner of the screen.
To change the spells, you can press T on a PC or the right cross on your controller.
This opens your spell menu, where you can see all the spells that you have unlocked at the moment.
After you opened the spell menu, select the spell that you want to equip, and then you will see the opportunity to equip it in one of 4 spells, replacing the already placed spell or filling out an empty slot.

how to make spells

Now you need different spell sets that work well with each other, or you may want to keep spells ready when you fight or at Hogwarts.
Fortunately, Hogwarts Legacy allows you to create four spell sets so that you can switch between different combinations of spells on the fly.
If you effectively create your spell sets, you don’t even need to switch spells, you can just switch between your sets.
You can switch between spell sets faster than when switching individual spells.
On a PC, you can simply use the scrolling of the mouse in the spell menu to switch between spell sets.
Scroll up and down will change the spell sets, as they are in your spell menu.
On your consoles, you can hold RT or R1, and then use D-PAD buttons to switch between spell sets.

How to get more spells in Hogwarts Legacy

Each set offers you only four spells that can be used at the same time, but you can increase the total number of spell sets that you can do.
To increase your spell sets, you first need to unlock your talent AB.
You will unlock the Talent tab after reaching the 5th level and the completion of the main quest.
Rest Gala.
As soon as you have access to the Talent tab, go to the Main Talents section and invest in talent knowledge of spells.
This talent provides you with an additional set of spells, which you can then configure at your discretion.
At 5, you can get knowledge of spells I and knowledge of spells II.
This gives you access to two additional spell sets.
You can get the last set of spells in the game by unlocking the knowledge of spells III at 16.
In total, you can get 4 separate sets of spells and the ability to equip 16 different spells at the same time.

The best spells

Here we will give two possible sets of spells that you can create and use throughout the game.
Set of spells for battle
Arvada Cedar
This spell set is the most balanced set of spells that you can use in battle.
We do not need to tell you about the Avid of the Cedar.
The notorious killer curse is the best offensive spell, since it instantly kills any enemy at which you shoot.
The spell, although OP, has a long time to recover, so we also need to take a few faster spells with us.
This is where the confidential appears.
These long-range bolts explode in contact and can be used to destroy enemies so that your Arvada Cedar is cooled.
Levies spell allows you to Levite your enemies.
Although this is not offensive, the Levies spell allows you to temporarily disarm enemies, giving you a break.
Finally, if you are stunned, the Glacial spell allows you to freeze your enemies where they are standing.
You can replace Glacial with Repulse to push the enemies and drive them into dangerous corners.
Set of spells for free movement

  • Lumps
  • Alhambra
  • Action
    All these spells are selected to help you explore the huge world of Hogwarts’s Heritage.
    The Lumps spell not only acts for you as a torch, but you also use Lumps to solve some puzzles in the Hogwarts heritage, such as the puzzles of a moth mirror.
    Lumps can also help you find the way to your goals and points of the path.
    The alochomor spell allows you to open almost all the doors in the Hogwarts heritage, which can be very convenient when you explore every nook.
    This spell can give you access to many hidden and locked objects and chests, so we recommend not to leave our hostel without this spell.
    Finally, some items may not be available, so we recommend taking action with us.

The spell has both combat and useful use.
Action allows you to attract distant items to yourself and is even required for many side quests that you face Hogwarts Legacy.

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