EVE Online Announces Microsoft Cooperation: Players Can Now Transfer Data to Excel – Unlock the Power of Data in MMORPG Play

Data play a vital function in EVE online.
It is for that reason always jokingly described as tables in space- now the developers are merging and making the meme truth with Microsoft.
At the Eve Fan fest in May 2022, the designers CCP announced that there could be a partnership with Microsoft in the future.
Gamers ought to then really be able to export their in-game data to Excel tables.

The Excel meme becomes a reality

CCP wish to make it simpler for players without programming understanding keeping an overview in the data-controlled wars.
According to Creative Director Berger Finnbogason, lots of players are currently using external tools to collect their data.


This add-in must not replace these wonderful tools established by gamers, but rather represents an additional choice for users, which also needs fewer programs abilities for starting.

  • CCP on Steam
    What data is it about?
    It can be basic data or character-based information.
    Gamers track resource production, their own account balance or prices when trading.
    An introduction is likewise a benefit in big wars.
    In the World War Bee 2, ships worth 800,000 euros were ruined.
    They are currently trying to find testers for the closed beta.
    At the end of the present post on Steam, the data fans can apply to you.
    The players must be chosen in such a way that they reflect a wide variety of pill pilots, describe the developers.
    There should likewise be several tests on which you can then apply again.
    When the function concerns the MMORPG is still unclear.

viewpoints of the players differ apart

A few players have actually talked about this under the short article on the Eve Steam page of Eve Online.
Some think it’s terrific, others say it comes far too late, once again others wonder if they need to buy Excel now and why no complimentary program is utilized.

We summarize a few of the voices here for you:
Paracetamol Dispenser: This is actually a fantastic function.
Respect to the person who chose to establish it.
Arena: That would have been pertinent 10 years back.
76561: Now there are more tables in a game about tables.
Satan: Do I have to purchase Excel now although there are free programs?
Lucas: No, thanks, I do not need another job.
What do you consider the upcoming Excel function in Eve Online?
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