How to Complete the The Ipherian Position of the House Elf Quest in Hogwarts Heritage

There are many side quests at Hogwarts, and although not all of them must be performed for the main story, they can still mean decent prey and awards.
Perhaps you noticed your convenient companion Dick in the room of requirements, who has a request, not for the faint of heart.
Here’s how you can delve into the Spinners cave and collect a little mining along the way.

Heritage Hogwarts-Passing Spinners Cave

To start a quest, you need to talk with a wild in the room of the requirements.
This will be available shortly after the opening of the Vivaria.
Dick will ask you to check his friend Tombs in the cave north of Hogwarts: the cave of the spinners.
To get there, you can sit on a fireplace in the upper Hogs field and fly on a broomstick to the west until you get to the cave on the outskirts of the forest.
As soon as you get there, you will immediately notice that it will be a cave in spiders, so be on the alert and prepare a few fiery spells.
You will need to burn the web at the entrance to enter.
Soon after you go inside, you will find yourself in the broom in the aisle.
You will need to press A/X to jump and continue moving forward on the other side.
You will need to fight with some spiders while you go further, but nothing that you still fought in the shelter of the jackdaw.
Then you will come to a small fork.
A small hole on the left, but you cannot go through it.
Here you will see a giant spider crawling past the hole, hinting at the battle with the boss later.
You can take a bag with galleons at your feet, and then go to the right branch in order to go further into the cave.
You will enter a larger hole in the cave, where your character will understand that Tombs have not been here for quite some time.
On the left you will notice a few spider eggs on the wall.
The best way to avoid the opening of these eggs and release all the cubs is to destroy them before they hatch.
This will help to avoid a fight with a dozen little spider.
Continue the movement to the right, breaking through a few more networks.
Follow the path of the cave, making sure that you broke all the spider eggs that you will meet in your way.
You will come to another gorge on the road.
You will also need to jump over this gap by clicking a/x.
Do not worry if you fall, this will lead to the place where you were already, and you will need to go back.
Going through the abyss, you can find a hole leading to the bag on the left side, and then start crawling along the lower passage.
In the end, you will get to the hill that will make your character slide down.
Here you will find another of the small campsites of Tomb, where you can find a note that Tombs wandered even deeper into the cave.
Continue the movement around and to the left, breaking through the web.
This will lead to another smaller passage through which your character will make your way until you reach a higher wall.
Hold the A/X rise.
As soon as you rise, again enter a larger hole where you will find a battle with the main boss of the cave.

How to defeat the acromantula in Hogwarts Legacy

Acromantul is a boss of the 28th level, therefore, depending on your level, it can be more difficult.
Other spiders will also appear in this area, which means that you will have to face several enemies.
You must make sure that your spells are correctly sorted.
Fiery spells cause them more damage.
If you have an improved Intended, you will definitely want to use it to keep smaller spiders in fear.
The key to victory over the acromanthal is to avoid its sharp attacks, evading as much as possible.
He will stomp his feet, signaling that he is going to attack.
This will warn you about the need to dodge when a red flash appears on the screen.
These attacks consist of three consecutive attacks, so continue to evade three times while it approaches you.
As soon as the spider is defeated, climb the wall on the left with the lantern and ruin the web to continue moving forward.
You will get to another abyss that you must jump using a/x.
When you cross, you will come to the barricade.
You can break through this using any explosive spells, such as Covering or Bombard.
Here you will find Tombs.
Gather a note in front of him to find out what happened to him, and you will need to get out of the cave to return to Dick.
When you find yourself at the bottom with something like a shipwreck, you can break through the barricade to the left of you, and then cross it to take additional bags with prey and leech.
Follow the way down and around the shipwreck, until you reach the room with a chest.
You will need to break another barricade to get to the entrance again.
Spray down and continue to go forward until you get to the exit.
You can finish the quest by returning to the room of the requirements and talking with Dick.

How to get all the chests at Spinners Cave in Hogwarts Legacy

Now that we have given a complete step-by-step guide on how to successfully go through the cave, this is how you can find all the chests in your path:

Location of the first chest of Spinners Cave

At the first period on your way, you will reach the start of the cave and notice the chest below on the right.
You can go down the rocks right to the right of you and collect prey.
Then go upstairs and make a jump.
As soon as you jump, turn left and tear the web to pass.
Rise under the aisle and collect another chest.

Location of a chest with spider eggs in the Spinners Cave

Continue to go forward, using the steps described above, until you reach the larger room where you will first see the spider eggs.
Right behind the spider eggs, you will see a chest.
Break the eggs before they hatch, so as not to fight with the chicks.
Continuing to move forward, breaking through the web, follow the right side.
Put out more web to find a bag that you can get.

The location of the chest in the cave of the Acromantulov spinners

As soon as you get to the lair of the acromantula and defeat it, you can find another chest on the right side.


There are two different ways to get to him.
You can simply climb the wall and climb through the passage, or you can choose the lower path by breaking through the barricade, and then climbing the hill.

location of the chest of the third gap in the spinners cave

You will come to the third gorge on the way.
It will be very similar to the first gap, and you will see a chest in the lower right corner.

You can turn left and go down the rocks to get to the bottom.
Then float through the water to get to the chest.
The last chest will be behind the shipwreck right before you return to the entrance through the label.
There are no cunning puzzles that can be in other caves and places of rest in Spinners Cave, but the acromantul compensates for this.
This is a difficult battle to make sure that you are using your evasion and fire spells in your interests.
And, perhaps, at the same time stock up on the potions of Wiggenwald.
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