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Which Intel processors exist and which Intel processor for gaming?
When buying a new processor and which might be rewarding for your new system, mango explains what you have to consider.
Team Beau: Intel is the most crucial maker of processors in the PC location.
There are now numerous base and processors that you can purchase for your system.
You picked Intel at your next PC upgrade, then you will discover the very best processors from Intel in the following post that you can currently buy for your gaming system.
Which Intel processor for gaming?
LGA 1200, LGA1700 or LGA1851-which base?
DDR4 or DDR5-which RAM
FAQ around Intel processors

which Intel processor for gaming?

Essentially, the same pattern applies to all Intel processors: Core i3, i7, i9 and i5 are equivalents for AIDS Ry zen 3, 5, 7 and 9 and represent the exact same efficiency class:
Core i3 stands more for newbies and budget models that are sufficient for easy systems and light video gaming.
Core i5 means the middle class of Intel and uses most gamers more than adequate performance.
With Core i7 and i9 you will discover the most powerful (and most expensive) processors for your system.
Here you can also get the focused performance of the platform.
For novices: The Core i3-12100 is currently the very best recommendation on the market if you need a brisk and inexpensive processor to start.
If you don’t want to invest much, the CPU is presently readily available between 110 and 130 euros and thus delivers the best price-performance ratio.
An alternative would be the F variant of the i3-12100F, which costs another 20 euros less and does not provide a graphics chip.
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For gamer: Intel’s Core i5-12400F is the very best CPU for video gaming if you do not desire to spend more than 200 euros for a processor.
The price is presently between 150 and 160 euros.
The F in the name indicates that the processor does not have a graphics chip, so you definitely require a graphics card.
We can recommend Intel’s Core i5-12600K if you have a larger spending plan.
If you mainly desire to bet and want to have sufficient performance in the future, this is currently the finest Intel CPU.
Here the rate is in between 250 and 300 euros.
An option would also be the i5-12600KF without a graphics chip, which currently costs more.
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For lovers: The Core i9 13900K currently the fastest and best CPU from Intel is presently.
This is intended primarily at users who wish to have the fastest and finest processor in the gaming PC.
The price here is around 600 euros.
Nevertheless, this is not crucial, because it requires a fast graphics card and less a processor, particularly for high resolutions beyond Full HD.
A Core i9 13900K need to not offer more power if you are currently in possession of a Core i5-12600K.
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LGA 1200, LGA1700 or LGA1851-Which base should I select?

The base for the processors conceals behind the cryptic sequences of numbers.
The matching CPU is placed into the base.
The LGA1200 is the oldest still advised base and supports the 11th and 10th generation (2020 and 2021) of Intel processors.
We would no longer advise an older base due to the fact that the hardware buy is hardly worth it.
LGA1700 is the current Intel base and has actually been supported given that the 12th generation (2022).

The 13th generation ( Raptor Lake) likewise supports it.
In the future there will likewise be LGA1851.
Far there are guesses that Intel Meteor Lake wants to release in 2023 and then likewise the next base with the 14th generation.
Up until now there is no further details about LGA1851.

DDR4 or DDR5-Which RAM do I require for Intel?

In contrast to AMD, Intel has actually chosen to support both DDR4 and DDR5 with the base LGA1700.
This indicates that with a present processor you can use both DDR5-RAM with approximately 5,600 CT/s and DDR4-RAM with up to 3,200 CT/s.
The thing has a catch.
You have to pick either for DDR4 or DDR5 before purchasing a main board.
Due to the fact that the main board just uses you the base for among the 2 RAM types.

More questions: FAQ around Intel

Which Intel processors exist?
Cameron, Pentium Gold, i3, i5, i7 and i9 from Intel are presently offered.
Which Intel Core is much better?

The best core is the i9.
This is followed by a coming down order i7, i5 and i3.
The fastest Intel processors can be discovered under the abbreviation i9.
Which Intel soccer?
If you wish to use the existing base, LGA1700 is the very first choice.
You can likewise utilize LGA1200, even if no other processors exist for this type.
Which Intel socket is currently?
LGA1700 is the present base for Intel processors and changes the previous base LGA1200.
We think that the base will be supported until a minimum of 2024.
Which Intel is finest?
The Core i9 13900K is presently the very best video gaming processor that you might purchase from Intel.
Further suggestions and ideas on hardware buying: You are still looking for suggestions and recommendations and want to buy a suitable graphics card for your new processor?
On Mango we describe to you in information what you need to consider when buying a graphics card:
What should you consider if you want to buy a graphics card-now or later?
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