Confirmed: Cinepolis Klick Closes in Mexico – The Impact of Streaming Platforms

Today the war of streaming platforms is more than latent, the clearest examples are Netflix, HBO Max, Disney Plus, Star Plus and some more who try to make their fight to get subscribers.
One of them is Minneapolis CLIC, who rent the films individually and that apparently could not compete with other companies.

Through an email, the company itself told its frequent customers that this service will end its operations on May 31, when you can no longer see content of said application.
This will at least happen in Mexico, through that statement it is also clear that the same destination goes for LATAM.
Here a fragment of what is mentioned in your email:

Changes in the entertainment industry at home, the consolidation and exclusivity of content on other platforms and the intense competition of that market, led us to make this difficult decision.


They also mention that this does not affect their main source, movie theaters:

The greatest vocation and strength of Minneapolis will continue to be the exhibition of films and other content in movie theaters, and we will focus all our efforts.
We will continue to innovate with the best technology to enrich our customers the experience more and more and continue to always offer the best service.
We are at all times committed to being the best entertainment option.
Remember that the application can still be used until May 30.
Via: Twitter
Editor’s note: This current applications market is increasingly stronger, especially because of the theme of exclusive series, something that unfortunately does not count Minneapolis CLIC.

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