Build a Defensive Wall Door in Sons of the Forest: Endnight Open World Survival Game Construction Mechanics Guide

The building is in the heart of the End night Open World Survival Game and most construction mechanics in the game are surprisingly intuitive.
That said, not all the structures you would expect to find in the game really exist, so you will have to improvise.


Here is how to build the door of the defensive wall in Sons of the Forest.

Explanation of the construction of defensive walls in Sons of the Forest

The first thing is the first, let’s clarify one thing from the beginning: there are no defensive doors in Sons of the Forest.
Anyway, none who can build as part of a plan of the construction menu.
As mentioned above, if you want to build something like that, you must take the matter in your own hands.
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Let’s start reminding us how to build defensive walls, which require standard size trunks.

You simply need to place seven of these on the ground next to each other.
A small line will excel from one to another once you have aligned correctly.
Then you can take an ax and cut the top of the trunks into spikes;
The wall can be reinforced later with a second layer of trunks for additional protection.
So how do you build a door to enter and leave the base or area you are trying to protect?
Well, your options are somewhat limited.
You can build a standard door between a section of the fence or simply deconstruct a section of the wall every time you want to leave.
The first option is easy to destroy for mutants, and the second is honestly a bit tedious to have to do continuously.
According to our experience, the best option is to build a bridge on the top of the fence, which will act as a point of entry and exit of the base.
When it comes out, simply remove two of the stairs at the bottom of the bridge and find that the mutants cannot access it.
That should give everything you need to know about how to build the door of the defensive wall in Sons of the Forest.
To achieve more useful tips and information about the game, including the opinion of about the best base location, search the site or consult some related contents listed below.
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