K. Rowling has stirred up a storm with her comments and how it would have affected her legacy. J.K. Rowling Discusses How Her Comments Could Have Stained Her Legacy in New Podcast Interview

It is not at all a novelty that J. K: Rowling is one of the public figures that have generated the most controversy on the Internet, that is due to certain comments that were considered transfers.
Given this, many people have come out to want to boycott her, Harry Potter’s most famous work, and now it is known that her movements do not take away her dream.


In the podcast The Witch Trials of jk rowling, presented by Megan Phelps-Roper, the English writer was asked if she thought about her legacy and how the things she said affected the way she would be seen in the coming years.
Given this, he gave an answer that could be considered a bit selfless but also indicates that he is somewhat tired of the subject.
This is what he said:

I think you couldn’t have misunderstood me more deeply.

I don’t walk through my house thinking about my legacy, that pompous way of living your life thinking about what my legacy will be.
I will be dead, I care now, the living.
That means that you are not interested in too much as they want to boycott projects that relate to their Magma work, among them are included in the hogwarts legacy video game that has just left a few days ago.
It is thought that they can do some monetary damage to the author if it is not bought, but the punishment would really be against Warner and Avalanche.
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Editor’s note: For these moments trying to sabotage the game is already something that cannot be relevant, only in this way is much more advertising is being given.

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