1 campaign intro in the Forbidden Reach, starring Ebyssian and Scalecommander Emberthal. Ebyssian and Emberthal Epilogue Cutscene – Patch 10.0.7 News

The quest line was encrypted throughout the 10.0.7 PTR testing and only became readily available on live servers when the spot went down. The Forbidden Reach sets the introductory to the Embers of Neltharion campaign. Without going into looters, there has been a betrayal among Rather rankings and also Bertha with Elysian accepted collaborate to bring an end to the traitor…

Video clip courtesy of Last.


The most recent patch brought a new in-game cutscene for the start of the Spot 10.1 project intro in the Forbidden Reach, starring Scale commander as well as Elysian Bertha.

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