Discover the Best VR Headsets for Fun Experiences – PSVR2, Pico 4, and Meta Quest 2

If virtual reality has become the prerogative of amusement park, experiences for the house are also demo crating.
In February of this year, the marketing of the PSVR2 puts forward this technology.
The opportunity to take a tour of the models for gamers, for all budgets.
This selection dwells here on the VR helmets thought for the public and oriented in particular towards gaming.
VR headsets for professionals are therefore not mentioned.
The prices are based on the recommended public prices and do not take into account any offers and promotions offered by resellers.

PSVR2, a success but exclusively on PS5

The PSVR2 is the successor of the PSVR released for PS4 in 2016. The PlayStation 5 generation is therefore also entitled to its support for virtual reality, with this revised and corrected model offered at a price of 599.90 euros in France.
A helmet which of course involves having a PS5 since it is exclusive to it.
If you do not yet have the console, it is therefore necessary to add 550 euros to this budget to acquire it.
© Sony PlayStation
Sony delivers here a model that erases all the faults of its elder, whose screen resolution was criticized and could give pain in the eyes.


Compatible 4K and HDR, the PlayStation VR2 offers a field of vision at 110 degrees and offers the Novel rendering, for a high fidelity visual experience, explains Sony.
The OLED screen offers a resolution of 2,000 x 2.040 per eye, and a refresh rate of 90/120 Hz. A single cable is to be connected to the Sony console and haptic controllers have been thought of not to need
External helmet sensors.
Who says PlayStation, says video games, and this helmet is designed for, even if it is possible to connect streaming video services to see movies on a large virtual screen.
Sony promises to put the package with 37 games to accompany the first months of its launch.
Among the most impressive experiences of the moment, we will remember Horizon Call of the Mountain, Gran Tourism 7 VR or Moss 2.
PSVR2, Sony, only on PS5, €599.90.

PICO 4, a real initiation to the VR and affordable

Among the Helmets for the public, we recommend the PICO 4. Here there is no need for a PC or a console to make it work, since this helmet is entirely autonomous.
Proposed at a price of 429 euros, it is also the most affordable in its category and justifies a very good value for money given its services.
The Chinese brand, which belongs to the ByteDance group (owner of TikTok), delivers here a light helmet (less than 300 g) and easy to use, whose finish is greeted.
Practical detail, a removable adapter for eye contour is offered for glasses.
But it is also in terms of specificities and components that the PICO 4 surprises.
The manufacturer relies on two LCD screens with a definition of 2,160 x 2.160 pixels per eye, for a frequency of 90 Hz. We then obtain a higher visual experience than on his direct rival the meta quest 2, however released several months before.
There are also several sensors on the front and even four very useful front cameras since they allow you to activate a video return.
Understand that a simple press allows you to see what is going on in the room you are, without having to remove the helmet.
On the controller side, we find the wireless systems now become common on this type of helmets.
Each controller requires two classic AA batteries for about 80 hours of play, but we would have liked rechargeable batteries at this level.
Without doubt a choice of the manufacturer to lower the bill.
The helmet, on the other hand, works on battery and provides approximately three-hour sessions, it also depends on the experiences requested.
Launched on September 23, 2022, the PICO 4 uses a house system, the Picots, to walk virtually in its interface.
Here we find a simple environment of use and based on Android, which practically offers the same experiences as with the meta quest 2. Among the games we recommend, The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners, the Mills Body Combat, and after
The Fall is worth a visit.
PICO 4, €429.

Meta Quest 2, the precursor of the VR consumer public

Launched at the end of 2020 in France, the Meta Quest 2 became the most popular virtual reality headset.
The Meta group (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram) is indeed very early in this area, for which its boss Mark Zuckerberg has great ambitions.
The American group therefore puts the double bites to seduce a large audience around the VR.
© Meta

The Meta Quest 2 is offered at a price of 449.99 euros.

A price that makes him an entry-level model for the VR, like the PICO 4. Again, we can take advantage of the meta Quest 2 independently.
We put on the helmet, the wireless controllers and off we go.
The displayed resolution of the two screens is 1,832 x 1,920 pixels for each eye, worse than the PICO 4, but this is still pleasant.
The two Touch controllers allow you to be used to easily navigate in a 360 ° space, regardless of embarrassment and are rather precise.
If a wall detection system is integrated, it is better to play in a clear room because travel can be numerous depending on the experiments.
The specialization of 3D sound without adding specific headphones is also interesting, as on the PICO 4.
With a well-supplied game catalog and house applications offered by Meta, this Quest 2 is now well positioned on the market.
We strongly recommend trying to Golf+, Space Pirate DX but also Blade & Sorcery.
It remains to be seen whether, in 2023, Meta would not prepare the launch of the Quest 3 to continue on its momentum?
Meta Quest 2, €449.99.

Valve index, expensive but at the top

Creator of the Half-Life saga, Valve has since become an notable in the video game sector, attests to its Steam platform.
However, the American company is also very invested in the VR with among the most advanced experiences in this area.
Launched in 2019, the Valve Index helmet is still a reference today, as it combines forerunning and high-end technical assets.
© Valve
Offered at a price of 1,079 euros (for a basic kit), the Valve Index also requires a high-end PC to push the experience.
At this price level, we are entitled to the top of the VR experience, with a Field View (visual field) of 130° and a resolution for each of the two LCD RVB screens of 1,440 x 1,660 pixels.
A lesser level that its competitors, but counterbalanced by a cooling rate that can rise up to 144 Hz, even if the helmet most often operates at 120 Hz.
Valve has also worked on retinal persistence so that it is as low as possible and avoid the effects of remanence.
The result is felt, with better monitoring of the eye movement to avoid an effect of vagueness which could be unpleasant.
Another advantage, the sound is delivered here by two real headphones of very good quality for a much better audio immersion.
Normal at this price level.
The two controllers are the best on the market with a detection of each finger of the hand for fairer interactions with virtual objects.
The kit is also delivered with two external detectors to place in the corners of a room for monitoring movements.
The Valve Index here offers better freedom of action in a wider area than its competitors.
On the experience side, the Most of VR for gaming comes with the excellent Half-Life: Alex, a real technological showcase for the future of virtual reality game.
When will Half-Life 3?
Valve Index, €1,079 to couple with a high-end PC.

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